The Rock Family Worship Center


By; Pastor Jason Swedeen

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." These are the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:21. What do you treasure in life? Do you realize that this season is just one of many symbols that speak of what God the Father treasures? It's the season that we celebrate the coming of Jesus as a babe, the king, and savior of the world.

God the father demonstrated what he treasured by giving everything. He gave his only begotten son to the world that they might be saved from their sins. What did he treasure? He treasured you. That's right - you.

Do you treasure the gifts that you receive at Christmas time? What kind of gifts do you treasure that you receive throughout the year? No matter how precious gifts can be, they do not measure up, even close, to the precious gift that God has given to us. It is the gift of his son, Jesus, who paid the price for our sin so that we would not have to eternally die, but rather, live.

It is as precious today as it was 2000 years ago, or at least it should be. And, if it isn't very precious, then we don't really treasure it; and therefore we have not truly received that gift nor given our heart truly to the Lord. But salvation, this gift from God, is an eternal gift. It is forever, whereas, the kinds of gifts that we are so accustomed to receive are only temporary. They may have immediate satisfaction but they do not produce eternal fulfillment, joy, peace, love, etc. For these can and only come through Jesus. There are imitations out there, but they will always leave you disappointed, either from the start or at the end. And then you have nothing but wasted time and energy and no purpose that is being fulfilled in your life.

I encourage you this Christmas time to truly search for the gift that you can truly treasure for all of eternity - Jesus, the Christ. He is your messiah and redeemer ... and your friend. He treasured you enough to lay down his life and die so that you could live. It wasn't something he had to do. He could have backed out of the whole plan of the father to save mankind, but he didn't. Thus, you know the heart of the father and the son. It is for you.

The Bible says that if you seek him with your whole heart, then you will find him. In order for you to seek with your whole heart, it needs to be a prized possession that you treasure.

The wise men that came to see Jesus opened their treasures and gave gifts. The treasures spoke of where their heart was. They weren't seeking themselves. They were honoring "the king." They searched for him. They took their life and resources and journeyed to find him.

Remember, life is too precious to waste it on pursuits that don't have eternal value. Where is your heart? Look at what you treasure and what your treasure is.