The Rock Family Worship Center


By; Pastor Jason Swedeen

What am I supposed to do? Who am I supposed to be? These are questions that all people ask, or should ask, but many struggle to know. Even worse, many never settle the questions in their heart. Man’s innate desire is to have purpose; to do something and to be someone of significance. I’m not saying that it has to be something like finding the cure for a disease, although that could be, but even one of the greatest things—being a dad or mom that has significant impact on their children’s lives. It brings pleasure to them.

Did you know that God’s Word says that ‘we are made in the image and likeness of God’? Did you know that “God don’t make junk?” He had you on His mind before your grandfather knew your father. In fact, He had you on His mind long before the foundations of the world were laid (Eph 1:4). Now, having been made in His image and likeness, then truly the only way for us to really have those questions answered is to look to the source—GOD. Who is He? What does He do? You must seek Him and spend time with Him to know.

We have the innate desire to experience pleasure in life. That pleasure comes with having purpose. If there is no revelation of purpose, then there will not be a true fulfillment of pleasure.

God is well pleased with His creation, but He experiences greater pleasure when He sees us taking joy in what He gave us and honoring Him in it. Just like God, we too receive the greatest pleasure, not when we do something for ourselves, but when we do something that brings someone else great pleasure. Yes, it’s even better when they acknowledge and honor you. It is one thing for a grandpa to be pleased with a wooden toy he made for his grandson or a grandma to be pleased with a quilt that she sewed for a granddaughter. It’s a totally different experience to take pleasure in seeing that grandson take joy in playing with that toy or seeing that granddaughter take joy in cuddling herself up in that soft, warm, quilt and the peace it brings. We’re talking about a sense of fullness. It comes from having purpose—knowing we are special and that we are to bless and bring pleasure to others. ‘…Bless and do not curse.’ (Rom 12:14)

Some of you might ask, “well what do you do when you do things, but people don’t respond in taking pleasure?” I say, keep loving them and sowing those seeds ofpurpose and kindness and let God do the work in them. Many people are hurt from the past and their resistance is a way for them to keep from getting hurt again. Let God soften their heart. It’s the same with God. How often do we forget or just don’t take notice or the time to remember all that He has done and given to us. If you’re one of those who are hurt, let it go. You were created for a purpose. Don’t hide it. Don’t throw it away.

…“Love your neighbor as yourself”…“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” God is our great example to follow. We were made in His image and likeness. If you want to experience the real pleasure of life, live with purpose.