The Rock Family Worship Center


By:Pastor Jan Bosman


It is warm and muggy here, it is the rainy season and mud abounds everywhere.

This is my seventh time here and it so wonderful to see how God is working among these people. Three years ago I taught on the ark of the covenant how it was won by the Philistines in a battle with Israel, placed in the temple of their god dagon, where it caused lots of havoc namely dagon fell flat on his face before the ark of the Presence of God and the people broke out with tumors, 1 Samuel 5. When they were at the end of themselves with all the destruction the ark caused, they send it back to Israel where it ended up in the house of Abinadab for over twenty years where his sons were appointed to take care of it.

David wanted the ark back in Jerusalem, so in a big procession he went to get it, in 2 Samuel 6 he placed it on a new cart and with much celebration they were on their way only to find the oxen stumble because of the road condition, Abinidabs son reached out to steady the ark and died on the spot.

David was angry and fearful of God that day and went no further, they placed the ark in the house of Obed-edom.

To Obed-edom the ark was not just a religious symbol, but the place from where God manifested His Presence and Glory in the wilderness with fire by night and a cloud by day to protect Israel from the heat and cold and now this ark of the Presence was in His living room.

It doesn't say much about what happened there but we can read in between the lines that their lives were never the same again, learning to live with God in the house became an awesome celebration and as they did God manifested His Presence as of old. Everything pertaining to their lives was blessed of God, the ark was there for only three months, for when David got word of how blessed they were, he went to get the ark.

He had learned in the mean time that the ark of the Presence was to be carried on the shoulders of the priests, that should tell us something since we have been called as kings and priests onto our God.

In 1 Chronicles 16; 38 we find that Obed-edom and his family left their home and followed the ark of God, they could live without their house but not without the Presence.

As I taught here, we have to make a choice, we can live a religious routine like at Abinidabs house or we can celebrate the fact that we are carriers of His Presence like at Obed-edoms house.

Here it has changed a fellowship from a religious cultural celebration in song and dance to a level of intimacy with God in praise and worship that is awesome.

Healings happen spontaneous, children point to Jesus manifesting in the service, wonderful manifestations of His Presence are experienced.

A new full gospel pastor in the area heard about it and was coached by the pastor here and the same is now happening in his congregation.

Some ladies from this church went to visit family members in an other town, no longer satisfied with worship without intimacy with God they led their worship team to experience the same, then the pastor was invited to teach their congregation.

Oh how God desires us to have an intimate relationship with Him, to bring His Kingdom down here as it is in heaven. Oh how He loves us!

Greetings from Melong, Cameroon.