The Rock Family Worship Center


By; Pastor Jason Swedeen

In the movie “Frozen”, Anna, the princess, gets her heart frozen in an attempt to mend the relationship with her sister, Elsa, and is about to die. The claim is made that only a ‘true loves kiss’ could heal her heart and save her. Early in the movie, she finds someone that she thinks she is in love with and decides to marry him.


After having her heart frozen, she is in this pursuit to get to Hanz so that he can kiss her with the ‘true loves kiss’ and be saved only to find out that he did not love her and that he was just using her to try to get to the throne. In her last moments, when Elsa was about to be killed, Anna stepped in and saved her. But in the process, she became completely frozen. But in a few moments, she began to thaw. It was an ‘act of true love’ that saved Anna. Through it, life in the kingdom and the relationship with her sister were restored back to when they use to play with each other as young girls.


The life of all men and women have met this tragedy. Since the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden, men’s hearts have been frozen and were on a path of death and destruction. The penalty for their choices was their very life. Separated from God and unable to save themselves, man needed a savior, one who would heal their frozen hearts. God the Father desired to see that His kingdom and the relationships therein would be restored back to life and the original purpose of man being in close, intimate relationship with Him. God the Father, in an ‘act of true love’, made the way for man to be saved by sending His Son, Jesus, to take our place, to pay our penalty of death. That ‘act of true love’ made the way for us to be saved, healed and set free so that we can experience life again the way God intended for us.


So often we look to something or someone, like Hanz, that we think is really the answer to our problems, or the healing of our frozen hearts, only to be let down time and time again. What God did is really THE ‘act of true love’. God did not learn love from anyone or anything. He IS love and He showed us through His selflessness how we to can love others. His saving grace and power through Jesus is His ‘true loves kiss’ to all of humanity and even all of creation. Stop running to other things. Only Jesus is the way to be healed and restored. You and I have encountered a “true loves kiss” from the Heavenly Father. Run to Him! He is truly in love with you.


Oh, and, at the end, Anna did find someone who truly loved her and he kissed her.