The Rock Family Worship Center


By; Pastor Jason Swedeen

There is a lot of compromise of sin in the church today and so many distorted messages of the gospel of Jesus. But we should not be surprised. God’s Word tells us that these things will be. Nonetheless, God will have His way. He is restoring righteousness and holiness back into His church, the Bride of Christ. She will be pure and uncompromised. But we do need to be ready. We need to have our eyes and ears sensitive to judge between what man is saying and what God is saying, whether it is someone standing in the pulpit or someone standing on the street corner. Just because someone is standing in the pulpit doesn’t mean that it is the truth of God. We need to be good stewards of and confirm with God’s Word what is being spoken. Yes, that means ‘you’. Get in God’s Word and search it out. We need to be careful with those who call ‘evil’, ‘good’. We need to be careful of those who fight, under the disguise of the church, for the freedom for people to sin. The last time I checked God’s Word, Jesus fought for freedom so that people would not have to sin and be under the power and bondage of sin. We as God’s people, who have called upon Jesus, have no right to empower people to sin in the name of equality or being fair. We are to be a conduit, through our life, words and actions, whereas the Holy Spirit can bring conviction of sin, not to make people feel good about sinning—violating God’s standards. God’s Word is very clear. He loves all people. God’s love is unconditional. It doesn’t matter what anyone has done. But that love is not a love that says everyone goes to heaven automatically. God’s message to the world is clear: He loves the person, whom He created in His image and likeness, but He hates the sin. God loves the murderer, but He hates the murdering. He loves the rapist, but hates the raping. He loves the child abuser, but hates the abusing of children. He loves the homosexual, but hates the homosexuality. He loves the thief, but hates the stealing. He loves the abortionist, but hates the abortions. He loves the gossiper, but hates the gossip. God loves the liar, but hates the lying. God loves the one who pollutes the earth, but hates the polluting. God loves all people…period. It is the choices, that are made by a person, that will either justify them or condemn them. Sin has consequences. All of these people, and everyone else, needs to be saved and turn from their sin and be made whole. God totally has His arms open to all people. Not because of what they have done or not done, but because they are a person that God created and loves and His awesome love for all was demonstrated through Jesus, the Christ, dying on the cross for our sins that we might be free and walk away from those chains that hold people down. But apart from a life that is changed and redeemed by the grace and love of God, God cannot have anything to do with one who chooses to live in sin and pervert God’s standard of righteousness. I am not better than anybody else, for I am only a person just as everyone else is. But on a spiritual level, what makes the condition of a person’s soul better than another is whether they are saved ‘by grace, through faith in Jesus’ or not. In God’s eyes, the condition of our soul is either SAVED or LOST. Those that are saved embrace the standards of God. The lost do not embrace God’s standard, but rather try to create their own standards.

The key to being a child of God, one who will have entrance into the Kingdom of God, is that through the death of Jesus on the Cross and His resurrection, we are able to say, ‘I once was that, but now I am not’. It is about turning to embrace God’s way rather than running away from it.