The Rock Family Worship Center


Pastor Jason Swedeen


Walking by faith is kind of like getting the ‘Early Edition’ newspaper or looking through 3D lenses that cause everything to come more to life or see more vivid details of what is really going on. The Bible says that the ‘just shall live by faith’. The just, those who are sanctified by the cleansing blood of the Lamb, shall walk in such a way as to believe and trust in what God says, not in the things that we see around us. Faith is ‘the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen’. It is the picture of how the just shall live, not just an option. In Joshua 6:2 it says, ‘And the LORD said to Joshua: "See! I have given Jericho into your hand, its king, and the mighty men of valor.’ At this point in the Bible, the walls of Jericho had not yet fallen, but the Lord said, ‘SEE!’, I have already given it to you. Joshua had to look through the lenses of faith and not at the present circumstances. Joshua was to look at the promise of the Lord and believe that He was going to carry out His Word. There was nothing in the natural that would cause Joshua to believe in the promised outcome. Huge fortified walls, many mighty men of valor inside the walls, was not a sure sign of victory, but the Word of the Lord was.

What is the Lord saying to you? What are the dreams that the Lord has given to you? Do you know what He has promised in His Word? Are there circumstances in your life that you are allowing to rob you of the hope that God has spoken to you? If God created all things, which He did, then there is nothing that is bigger than Him or too big that God can’t handle. But if we dwell on our problems and circumstances we will magnify them in our mind, and be overwhelmed by them, and diminish our ability to believe in the Lord. In all things, we need to believe the report of the Lord. What has He said and what is He saying? When we magnify the Lord, He becomes in us everything that He already is. Why? Because we are choosing to give Him the place of being God and therefore everything around us becomes small because He is big. Only one thing can occupy the place of being “BIG” in your life. God cannot and will not share the place of “BIG”. If you allow Him the place of “BIG” then everything will bow its knee to His word. Are you sick? Have a disease? God is bigger than it all. It is His desire that you be healed. Jesus did not pay the price and take our sicknesses and infirmities in vain. “By His stripes, we are healed”. Period. Are you being strengthened to walk out your healing because you have made God “BIG” or are you living in discouragement, thinking that there is no hope and maybe wanting to give up because you have made the sickness big and beyond God’s promises. Sickness is not anybody’s lot in life. Would you give that to your child if you had one? I do not think so. Neither does God. He is the greatest Father ever. It is not the good plans and future that the Lord has for you. Are you in debt over your head and can not see a way out? Many times it might require a lifestyle change, but whether it does or doesn’t, God is able to deal with that if you will seek His wisdom. Maybe you feel that your dreams are too big and you see no way of accomplishing it, whether because of a lack of resources or ability. God has given you all the ability you need to carry out the dreams He has given you. He has resources and ways of getting it to you that you are not aware of. Maybe it’s timing, but please do not lose heart. Get yourself around people who can believe with you, who will give you space to dream big and give you the freedom to take healthy risks, people who believe and love the Word of the Lord.

We do not have ultimate control of anything in this world. So to understand and know God’s heart, that He is always good and has a good future for you, allows us to walk trusting in His love and goodness, knowing that He is in control, instead of us worrying and relentlessly trying to make things happen that we have no control over. Learning to live by faith, and not by sight, is actually very refreshing and liberating.