The Rock Family Worship Center


By: Pastor Jason Swedeen


Proverbs 4:7 says, ‘Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.’ If wisdom is the principal thing, or in other words, the first thing or most important thing, we should get wisdom, just as the verse says. But just how much wisdom can we have? Are we limited to just a little less than what King Solomon had. I have heard some say, ‘ we will never be as wise as Solomon, because Scripture says that there was no one before him nor after him that would be like him.’ But is that what it is really saying? If so, then we would have to agree that Solomon is greater than Jesus, for Jesus was not only after Solomon but before Solomon. But we would not think of saying or thinking such a thing. Does God respect one person above another? Acts 10:34 says, ‘… "In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality.’ No! God is not a respecter of persons. What He will do for one, He will do for another. How He has saved one person, He will save another. How He has healed one, He will heal another. That is such good news for us!! God is an awesome God and He is good all the time.

So how do we look at that scripture? Well, is there anyone like you? No! You are unique! One-of-a-kind. No one else has had nor will ever have your finger prints. It was true. There would be no one else like Solomon, because he was one-of-a-kind. That scripture talks about two realities, really. One, what are we storing up in heaven that will be eternal and two, what are we storing up here on earth that will be destroyed by moth and decay? The Lord said to Solomon that, with regards to wisdom, there would be no one like him, ever. With regards to riches, there would be no king all the days of his life that would be like him. There was a limit to how long he would be unique when it came to riches. Wisdom is a treasure that can be stored up in heaven for eternity. Riches can only be stored up on earth and will some day be destroyed. But let’s take it even further. Solomon lived in a day where the revelation of the new covenant in Jesus had not yet been revealed. We live in a day where, if we have called on the name of Jesus, we have gone through a new birth process of our spirit coming to life. Through Jesus, we no longer live in a state that we once were in, like Solomon. We are born again, a new creation. The old man has passed away. Behold the new man has now come to life in Christ Jesus. We are not even supposed to think or be like ‘mere men’. Paul in 1 Corinthians 3 was talking to professing Christians. He rebuked them for behaving like ‘mere men’, saying, that they were still being carnal by causing strife and divisions amongst themselves. WOW!! But, aren’t we just mere men? NO! As believers, we have been reborn, a new man, seated in heavenly places. You are not just mere men, but rather more so a revelation of the spirit man that God created you to be. He made you in His image and likeness, with His DNA. God is a spirit being, the supreme being of the universe.

Just think what kind of wisdom we can have in Jesus with a revived spirit man compared to the awesome measure and level of wisdom that Solomon had with an unrevived spirit man. God did not have all wisdom just to give it to Solomon. It is available to those who ask, as the scripture says, ‘ask, and it shall be given unto you’, and to those who are humble as Solomon was. He asked, not for his own needs, but for the needs of those who God had put before him to lead. Notice that when we ask for the right thing, God takes care of all the rest. Solomon did not ask for riches, though he could have, but then he would have been without wisdom. Solomon displayed true integrity and character by what he asked for.

Remember, God is an awesome God and He is good all the time. He has good things for all, but only the eyes of those who love Him will be able to see all that He has in store. God is the limit, not the sky and He wants to be known by you just as you are known by Him! He knows the number of hairs on your head, though the number may not matter to you. He has good thoughts towards you and for you that out number the grains of sand in the sea. He knows what is in your heart because He put it there, but do you know His heart. You need to search it out. Only in Jesus are the streams of life: wisdom, purpose, destiny, power, salvation. Therefore, get wisdom! It is Jesus!!